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"Bob Jovi put the place ON....FIRE!  From a few rows back, I wasn't quite sure if that was Bon Jovi or BOB Jovi.  And I'm not talking hot 60 year old Bon Jovi, I'm talking like 1988 Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi.  Women were going CRAZY for Bob Jovi." 

-Dana & Parks Radio Program, KMBZ 98.1 Kansas City

"I almost peed myself...that's how much they looked and sounded like 1980's Bon Jovi."

                                                             - Dana Wright, KMBZ 98.1FM

The men in Bob Jovi are no strangers to the Tribute scene.  Scott Jensen (Alex Faux Such of Bob Jovi) started the world-renowned KISS tribute Almost KISS fifteen years ago.  In 2009, Bob Jovi members Bobby Kerr (Bob Jovi) and Aaron Neal (Aaron Ritchie) also joined Scott in the ranks of Almost KISS.  From there, a storied tribute history evolved between these three, bringing along two other veteran, Kansas City musicians.  Larry Garland (The Hit Man) & Jeremy Beach (David Bryan Beach of Bob Jovi) rounded out what is the World's Most Authentic 1980's Bon Jovi Tribute.  With over 3,000 tribute concerts played between them, Bob Jovi knows what it takes to leave audiences in awe and feeling like they are experiencing a legitimate 1980's Bon Jovi LIVE show.